Tuesday, 22 April 2014

State of Decay

The story of State of decay, a community-based survival game, is based in a little town suffering with a zombie apocalypse. The storyline includes many survivors, which you are able to rescue and integrate into your community, and use to collect resources, perform missions for other survivors and to find ways to escape the dreadful zombie town, Trumbull valley.

The graphics of State of decay is quite impressive for an arcade title. Sometimes the game does tend to lag slightly, especially when driving cars. The music in State of decay is the least impressive feature, as nothing special is offered in that aspect of the game. The gameplay in general is like an everlasting loop of the fearful, yet satisfying moment of Marcus Phoenix and Dom Santiago doing what they do best. However, the loop does seem to end when one takes too long to finish the game, then it reverts to a total contrary loop of a Two Worlds sequel, a hypothetical "Just kill me now", which makes one groping for synonymous phrases.

The plot is not original, but it does offer some interesting rewards, such as the satisfaction of fighting with the army or gaining the ability to use artillery strikes. The most important part of the game is to grow your community and character skills, and also to get rid of infestations and hordes, after all morale is very important... You don't want some of your survivors running away and getting killed. Utilise resources, such as food and ammo, to improve your chances of survival. Additionally, use stealth or brute force to search for resources or alternatively kill various superiorly adapted zombies to clear your path.

Reason(s) to get this game: It's probably the best survival game on Xbox. It rivals most top rated zombie apocalypse games and keeps one entertained for days.

Reason(s) not to get this game: It has a real time system, which requires one to play regularly. The hordes aren't that large. The strength of the zombies are largely underestimated, so it's easy to get killed. Also, if your character dies, it dies permanently and doesn't respawn.

RXG Star Rating: 7/10 Stars

Games with Gold: May

The two free games for May are rumoured to be Saints Row 2/ Gta 4 and State of Decay as an arcade title. In my opinion these would be awesome games to download, but unfortunately we don't yet know if these rumours are true. Here's a link for more information on the topic: http://www.nerdiots.com/2014/03/28/games-gold-may-2014


Titanfall is officially out in the states, however, it is not being released in South Africa due to bad connectivity issues. A review will soon follow this post. In the meantime, watch this trailer for an introduction. Enjoy.

Saturday, 12 April 2014


This is a fun, sandbox type game which allows the player to build almost anything in a huge environment of blocks, with great emphasis on blocks. See how you can beat your friends at building the biggest or most complicated and artistic structures by playing on xbox live or even local split-screen multiplayer. This game is especially entertaining when you're bored and have time to waste, and is great for people who also just want to free their imagination. There are regular in-game updates too, by Mojang, so the game never stays exactly the same. It has two modes, survival and creative, where survival is all in the name... you have to survive in a world full of all sorts of creatures. Then there's creative mode where you can just build almost infinite amounts of structures without being hindered.

So get this game and see if you can fight off all the scary and quite odd creatures in survival mode while you build your structures and survive against huge mobs of block beings! Or to just have fun building "stuff".

Reviews on Xbox 360 games (RXG Star rating): 8.21/10 Stars


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